5 Factors that directly affect your health.


Did you know that there are factors that directly affect our health?

Health from a holistic point of view depends on five factors that are independent of each other. These factors are: the mind, nutrition, exercise, heredity, and social environment.


1.- Mental: Your state of mind can have a great impact on how you body responds to stress, digestion, and immune system.

2.- Nutrition: Depending on the variety and types of foods your body eats can determine your overall wellbeing.

3.- Exercise:  Muscles need to move and stretch in order to function properly.  For example cardio can help your heart keep fit.

4.-  Hereditary: Our genetic makeup may have predispositions to certain diseases, therefore we may to take extra care of our body in relation to those predispositions.

5.- Social: If you frequently go out with friends to drink or eat fatty foods as a way to hang out it could seriously be affecting your health.

Each individual factor influences other factors resulting in a chain reaction, running in multiple directions, making it difficult to achieve optimal health.

Gone are the days where disease was thought to have a unique cause.  While it’s true that health problems may have singular major cause, by analyzing each case other factors like nutrition, stress, physical activity, genetics, and lifestyle choices may be linked the underlying cause of the disease.

A simple example may be made of the flu.  By being exposed to the virus causing the disease it does not predestine a person to become immediately ill.   In fact, if immune system is affected by acute or chronic stress, lack of key nutrients, insufficient amounts of oxygen because of a lack of exercise, emotional upheaval, social obligations interfering with rest, and/or a predisposition to respiratory infections can heavily influence the virus to spread.  Most of these circumstances can be controlled before being exposed to flu virus.

So, we cannot change your genetic makeup, but our defenses can be improved.  Our fundamental understanding about how we impact our health, internally and externally, can drive us to change our damaging factors.

Health problems we face include diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung concerns, obesity, allergies, and colds which are caused by an imbalance of two or more of the above factors.

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